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v4w.enko + d'incise AM.P.E.REM.EC (LP)

Fri | Oct 5, 2012

V4w.enko and d’incise collaboration is a pure product of the internet generation, they knew each others music far before getting really in touch. They’ve been both very present on the netaudio scene during the past years. They created this album, then later meet and played some concerts in Switzerland developing a different way, more based in improvisation, to generate their music. So the album is definitely home music, a fine tuning of ambient, glitches, electroacoustic, soft hisses and a slight touch of fragmented electronica.
Their music is about duality, of spaces, languages, focal points, always so close but never totally in contact. [...] -v4w.enko + d'incise

[ZIMMER094] Hecrom - Sirius

Fri | Oct 5, 2012

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The name “Sirius” is derived from the Ancient Greek: Σείριος Seirios (“glowing” or “scorcher”). The star has the Bayer designation Alpha Canis Majoris (α CMa). What the naked eye perceives as a single star is actually a binary star system, consisting of a white main sequence star of spectral type A1V, termed Sirius A, and a faint white dwarf companion of spectral type DA2, called Sirius B. The distance separating Sirius A from its companion varies between 8.1 and 31.5 AU. [...] -zimmer

[FN_39] Nick R 61 - a i b

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Label: Fusion
Catalog#: FN39
Style | Genre: Abstract, Glitch
Duration: 00:02:01
Release Date: 01.10.2012 -Nick R 61

[Miga47] aitänna77

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Siempre es una suerte el poder publicar el trabajo de artistas por el que sentimos cierta afinidad, este es el caso de aitänna77, artista que ha publicado en netlabels como Error! Lo-Fi o Test Tube. -miga

[0kbps013] Beira - Pixelinx

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Pixelinx is the latest glitchy creature generated by Beira (Italy). Insane beats for a noisy listening. -MAV [0kbps] Records

Kaeba - Transistor Strawberry

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Transistor Strawberry, taken from the Ep "Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]" by Kaeba and released by Kvitnu. (2012)

Release page with tracks previews - http://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu25.html
Music by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri - http://www.gianclaudiomoniri.com/
Artwork design by Lia Zavoloka - http://liazavoloka.tumblr.com/
Video by The Sushi Chiller - http://www.youtube.com/sushichiller -Kvitnu

(TOP79) Borisov / Nosova / Ileri / Seyhan

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, members of undisputedly powerful and amazing duo ASTMA, collaborated with Aras Seyhan and Eren Ileri, musicians and artists who currently reside in Austria. The result of their joint musical effort is here - soothing, enchanting sound collection, combining blossoming and tangled melodies, shattering noises and snatches of unspoken, inconceivable stories and words to eject you out of familiar and preserved sonic environment and urging you to explore what's out there, beyond the realm of convenient sounds and melodies. A diverse and versatile sonic assembly, Art Der Anwendung guides you through very different settings and moods, from wild and brutal noisy electronics to abstract ambient, blissful wall-of-sound extravaganza and rhythmically repressed proto-techno. For those who seek diversity and true liberation in music! -TOP-40.ORG

[HAZE154] Knyaz Mishkin — Usialiakaje

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Belarusian band of intuitive improvization Knyaz Mishkin exists for more than 21 years. Its founder and leader is a guitarist Leanid Narushevich. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing.
Free improvisation, Intuitive improvisation -Dzmitry

[HAZE153] Alex_Tiar — Banflt Vea Wind

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Alex_Tiar is a one-man project from Belarus. It has been started in 2010 in attempt to create something new in ambient way and to gain experience in some related genres such as IDM, industrial, glitch. However drone and dark ambient remains the field where Alex_Tiar is successful in.
Now the project works on developing various methods of influence on listener such as causing visual images by sound means. -Dzmitry

[PTNR033] Robert Carty - Ecoroots

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

ping things is very pleased to announce the release of Robert Carty's latest, "Ecoroots". Featuring six brand new pieces, "Ecoroots" finds Carty at his very best, an inspired blend of electronics and organic elements that masterfully blends in a deep and emotional way that resonates with the listener. A truly wonderful release from a truly wonderful talent that ping things is thrilled to be able to work with! -ping things

[TOP78] Sounds and images from Istanbul

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Field recordings and random photos from Istanbul, Turkey. A brief exploration of images, sounds and faces of mysterious and bright, magnificent and fabulous Istambool - the capital of eastern fairytales, spicy fragrances and incredible experiences. Dive into a pandemonium of street bazaar, city noises and ambience, traditional music and performance art! -TOP-40.ORG

[HAZE152] Raw N^D — Untitled

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

What happens when an experimental techno meets with eroticism?
Raw N^D weaves uncompromising passion and alienated mood in its new release. -Dzmitry

[HAZE151] Diving Bell — Diving Bell

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Diving Bell is the collective of Jerod Sommerfeldt (laptop) and David McDonnell (saxophone, electronics) [...] -HAZE

[HAZE148] Aortha — Recurrence

Thu | Oct 4, 2012

Aortha construct`s music from sounds of the surrounding world. Clicks, squeaks, noises of the space that surrounds the artist handled a variety of effects. -HAZE

Elpa84: Simiram — The Lost, The Last

Fri | Jul 20, 2012

This album completes the three-year project activities. -Elpamusic

Vacu Sessions 29 - A.P

Fri | Jul 20, 2012

A Vacu Session made by A.P

www.vacu-sessions.blogspot.com -VACU SESSIONS

[HAZE146] Kritchev vs. Ban meet The Egg An

Sun | Jul 15, 2012

Since the early ’90s, Kritchev and Ban dabbled in home-taping (and also engaged in collecting and listening to all kinds of music), and later joined forces for joint action. Kritchev vs. Ban, taking as a basis the principle of no music / no instruments, essentially positioned themselves as amateurs, non-musicians who use their love to the sounds and the easiest ways of sound as a starting point of his «creative» activity. To create the records used household radios — radio-gramophone, amplifier, tape recorder, microphone, TV, music player, player records and CDs. -HAZE

[tonAtom.122] h.holzmann-yes, we're mobile

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

photophob has been well-known to the tonAtom-audience for a long time. now herwig holzmann returns using his real-life name. the name he has been for years now for his ambient releases. this release is in the tradition of "how to stop..." (autoplate #46) and "november 30th" (which still was released as a photophob release on tonAtom back in 2005) and keeps all promises resulting from this - and more.

"yes, we're mobile." discusses the role of mobility in modern, western life. the main topic is the fact that we are taking for granted that both personal information and we ourselves are travelling this planet constantly and effortlessly.

samples and field recordings taken from his own mobile realm of eperience are processed and alienated with virtuosity. which results in soundscapes through which the audience can travel, searching for the familiar und the unfamiliar. great to have him (away from his home port laridae.at) back at tonAtom... yes, he's mobile. -tonAtom.net

[tonAtom.121] v/A - decAde

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

tonAtom artists from the whole "decAde" (2002 - 2012) contributed to an interim report on a label still in progress. from ambient via electronica to uptempo electro and house this release is just a transit station. -tonAtom.net

Vacu Sessions 28 - chicago_word_brigade

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

A Vacu Session made by chicago_word_brigade. -Vacu Sessions

[HAZE145] Uma Totoro — Aparatos que Median

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

There is a city whose environment is the sound, a city where the noise is permanent, where the noise is traffic sound.

A place where the sound of silence hurts, where time seems to run for his life.

That run was stopped at one point, there.

Where? When?

No one remembers but I do. This happened in the year 2010. That season two men took their bodies to the same area and spread the sacred word «flash». Abra and Fran removed letters and redefine the flash, to leave it as an expression of a body, of an indescribable dream, of a sound named as: Uma Totoro.

U.To was borned in Buenos Aires, when a new government took dependence of the city. This yellow empire put walls and fences, while Fran and Abra mixed beats with patterns of keyboards and strings. U.To.: programming, guitars and keyboards. Gov: fences and patrols.

The soundscape recreates the noise to return it to the bodies in a beat, a beat that hits the chests and floors to remember that the sounds are outside and inside.

The Totoro landscape pushed the noisedance experience to the stage, and produced an anesthetized dance by the noise (or an anesthetized noise by the dance?).

2011 made ​​the metaphor true, the dance of the noise arrived at a disc. Five songs, break the noise, to hear it; break the beats, to smooth them. Five noisedance pieces, if you hear them, you will be able to pronunce: Uma Totoro

2012 broke the truth and brought the doubt ¿do we actually live surrounded by devices that mediate between man and reality? 6 songs run through sound interference and guitars as frames, or infinit networks, spread along to the beats, beating, dancing. How many mediations are? -HAZE

Elpa Ninth Compilation - Transparency of D

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

Staring into the nimbus clouds, bestowed upon us in the summer, along with the drops will slide over the serene highest level somewhere under the sun, where dreams are born and anxiety disappears. Imperceptibly swept over the roofs and treetops, inhaling the scent of freshness. And seep into the ground, dissolving into its depths. Remain humble and quiet. We know that once the water meets again in a drop in the height of the clouds. -Elpamusic

Sturqen - Raia

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

FREE download - http://sturqen.bandcamp.com/album/raia

"We are very happy to announce the release of our new album, Raia.
A different kind of STURQEN, a different kind of sound and a special album for us.
It's 41 minutes long, has 10 tracks and we are releasing it as a FREE DOWNLOAD (or pay what you want) on Bandcamp.
There is also a very limited CD edition available.
This is not a departure from our friends at Kvitnu, it's just an album that we wanted to be free for everyone.
Download it, share it, enjoy it!" -STURQEN

Winterbound — Enveloped By The Shadow Of D

Thu | Jul 12, 2012

Winterbound is a solo project which explores the textures of Ambient and Electronic music.

With an emphasis on Post-apocalyptic sounds and themes — Winterbound strives to bring new textures and Journeys through the broken and cold harsh realities of a fallen world.

Dark ambient like any type of Ambient music is highly creative — the production process can be long. Ever since I heard Brian Eno’s amazing piece of art (An ending — Ascent) I was hooked on Ambient music. As the years rolled along I become immersed in creating «Sound Journeys» in creating textures, and designing sound, from nothingness to something so beautifully sculpted, whether dark or happy in tone and texture. I then got hold of a Steve Roach album, and again, everything changed — for the first time I knew that I could truly create worlds without an end through textured sounds. Ambient music, is like a sphere of light and sound that can radiate through ones being. Ambient is the definition of stillness pesonified through sounds of mezmerising beauty and sculpted by a passionate mind. -HAZE

Elpa82: Vermillion Gaze — Neon Summer

Sat | Jun 30, 2012

Warm hazy imagined memories of long warm summers with friends, family and loved ones. -Elpamusic

[ZIMMER090] Tuomas Rantanen - Quadrant

Sat | Jun 30, 2012

A galactic quadrant, or quadrant of the galaxy, refers to one of four circular sectors in the division of the Milky Way galaxy. In actual astronomical practice, the delineation of the galactic quadrants is based upon the galactic coordinate system, which places the Sun as the pole of the mapping system. The Sun is used instead of the galactic center for practical reasons since all astronomical observations (by humans) to date have been based on Earth or within the solar system. -zimmer

Kahvi#323: Data Rebel

Sat | Jun 23, 2012

Doesn't take a genius to recognise one of the main influences for new Kahvi artist 'Data Rebel'.

You can hear Planet Boelex throughout this eight track ep, with deep basslines, artistic beats and addictive melodies.

Originally approaching Kahvi to submit a single track for the up and coming VA release, it was decided that the quality of the tracks was so good, why not make an ep? And here's the result. I think you'll agree these are some of the kind of tracks that makes Kahvi what it is, with off colour leads (ala Boards of Canada) and loads of detail to make you just 'pay attention'.

Favourite tracks from this listener: Delta one (I'm addicated) and Peflet (remix of the classic track by our very own Planet Boelex). Enjoy this fantastic piece of audio exploration and see you in the next release! -4T

[PTNR032] Akumu - Transmissions

Mon | Jun 18, 2012

"Transmissions" by Akumu is now available for download or streaming at http://www.pingthings.com/​

ping things is thrilled to release the latest from Deane Hughes' project Akumu. "Transmissions" is a series of short, abstract pieces that delve into Akumu's interest in messages hidden within messages, of sounds between sounds, of communications that are slightly beyond our perception... beyond our reach.

Built upon recordings of radio static, electrical interference and guitar-based ephemera, "Transmissions" creates a world of tones, clicks, squelches and pulses - a space that lies between calm drones and arrhythmical noise. Within that space, much like the world around us, perhaps there is something more? A place where lost transmissions reside.

Visit the ping things net label at http://www.pingthings.com to check out other free downloadable releases from the ping things net label, including "Ghost House" by Lorne David Thomson, "A Decade Dreaming" by dreamSTATE, and more! -ping things

[BirdSong041] Automassage - Saxophone EP

Sun | Jun 17, 2012

Automassage: The preference for poorly controlled distortions, mumbled vocals, stomach turning basses, crackling noisy ambience and lo-fi in general. That might sound all very funny, loose and airy, but the massagists simply just can’t change the overly sophisticated way they are, and after painful serious processes of composing, deconstructing and evaluating, they puzzle out complex musical structures. -Birdsong

[HAZE 143] Kritchev vs. Ban – Dedication t

Sun | Jun 17, 2012

Since the early ’90s, Kritchev and Ban dabbled in home-taping (and also engaged in collecting and listening to all kinds of music), and later joined forces for joint action. Kritchev vs. Ban, taking as a basis the principle of no music / no instruments, essentially positioned themselves as amateurs, non-musicians who use their love to the sounds and the easiest ways of sound as a starting point of his “creative” activity. To create the records used household radios – radio-gramophone, amplifier, tape recorder, microphone, TV, music player, player records and CDs.
Dedication to Knyaz Mishkin – is a record of live show dedicated to Belarusian experimental band Knyaz Mishkin. -HAZE

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