Important Things to Know About Bed bugs

Bedbugs are insects that are oval in shape and feed on blood from warm-blooded animals including humans. People who suffer from bedbugs mostly do not know when and where they got the bite because bedbugs are very small insects with length that ranges from mm to 7mm. Bedbugs lounge everywhere. They can be found in your furniture but mostly live in your bed. Bedbugs come unnoticed because they are night owls and are more active at night. If you have noticed red patches on your neck, arms, face and hands and you know that your home does not have any mosquito around then your home probably has some bedbugs around. 


bed bugs1


You may be wondering why the bites are often unnoticed and are visible only when the red patches are there. -The reason behind is the painless bites of bedbugs. Bedbug bites are often mistaken as rashes because it is seen on the skin as flat however sometimes raised red circular patch. The bedbug may be painless however you cannot certainly get away with the itch after.  


Knowing that bedbugs are in your home or specifically in your bed is a hard task. Knowing their existence is difficult due to their size thus indications like dark spots on your bed might be the only evidence. However, even if this indication may or may not lead to your conclusion that bedbugs are indeed in your bed, it is a situation that can be better known if you have a professional’s help around.  


Having already bitten by bedbugs, for sure, you are living with the itch of the bites. To aid in the itching, baths with oatmeal are often advised as a home remedy. Although this is an effective method, it comes as a big task for some people thus more people opt for cold compress. If ever the itching does not succumb after the methods mentioned, you can go to a drugstore for creams or oral anti allergy medications to help relieve the itch.  


Bedbugs that have grown from sucking your blood can be more prominent in color. The bedbugs that are reddish brown are the adults and are more visibly colorful after a good blood sucking. Even if bedbugs have wings, they do not have the ability to fly however they sure can move rapidly through crawling. If ever your home often has a set temperature range between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, bedbug’s production in your home might be more rapid.  


So, if indeed your home has a bedbug infestation, what can you do to solve the matter? There are various options or remedy to get rid of a bedbug infestation. Some people draw near to chemical solutions however chemical solutions usually take time. A repetitive process is needed thus you will need more time to deal with more itch as you go through busting the bedbugs out. If you want a more instant approach, Bed bug heat treatment is a good option for you. Through this, you can eliminate bedbugs much more quickly. If you need help with this method, call the professionals from!