The flooring is one of the widest areas that makes up your home’s interior besides your wall and ceiling and trust me when I tell you that it can make or break the interior your design you are going for if you are not careful in choosing. 




  1. Hardwood Floor 


Flooring made of hardwood is a classic choice. This type of flooring has been chosen even after decades because it is both durable and appealing. The warmth that nature brings into the interior of the home is a great combination with other textures involve in the design goal. More than that, hardwood is known for its increased lifespan just by refinishing it over time, thus ensuring that after how many years of usage, the floor looks exactly as it looked during day one just by a finishing touch.  


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  1. Engineered Floor 


Engineered floor is a good choice for those people who are focused on eco-friendly options. It is a flooring that comes from wood fibers that has been recycled paired with stone dust. Through the combination mentioned, engineered wood is less prone to any warping if exposed to certain temperatures compared to hardwood. Engineered floors are also designed to be more convenient in in the installation process as it has furniture characteristics applied where self-locking factor is applied. Through this, there will be lesser cost concern for wood glue or nails. This type of flooring is also very appealing like hardwood and feels as though you also have a hardwood flooring but with lesser the cost.  


  1. Ceramic Tiles 


Ceramic Tiles or terracotta flooring is made of both shale and clay. Through heating, the clay and shale harden and forms into various shapes and sizes. It is also a flexible material and preferred by those who want to play with color and textures because of the wide range of color and textures it can offer. Some ceramic tiles are glazed and some are porcelain. If you want a basic color that gives off a rustic look, terracotta is your best option.  


  1. Bamboo Flooring 


Bamboo is beautiful and exotic. Even with the notion that it’s body bends with the end, it has good durability. More than that, it is good for those who want to aid with environment factors because it is a plant that regenerates very quickly thus it is a good supply without the worry of extinction. If you are looking into bamboo flooring, expect it to match the costs of hardwood floor 


  1. Vinyl 


Vinyl is affordable and flexible. It has a felt foam layer under that’s why it is soft to the feel of the soles of your feet. Even if it seems not durable given the test of time, it has a layer on top that is resistant to any stain or scratches making it more durable. When it comes to maintenance, vinyl does not require much. A few wipes here and there and you get the gloss it came with the first time you installed it. If you are into patterns and colors, vinyl also comes handy because it has a variety of patterns and colors to offer.